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8th August Sep 2014

Tiger History

With the current Triumph UK adventure range having recently welcomed a new bike into the fold, the Tiger Sport, now is as good a time as any to look at how the Tiger family has grown over the years and take a closer look at how the current range stacks up against the competition.

The Tiger family was introduced into the Triumph Hinckley range in 1993 with the Tiger 900.

Tiger 900

Released in 1993 with a 4 stroke 885cc engine this dual sport motorcycle sold 6112 units from release up to 2002. At the time of release the Tiger 900 was going up against similar offering from the likes of Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki and was entering late into the “Dual Sport” category of motorcycles.

Production of this model stopped in 1998 as Triumph unveiled the new Triumph Tiger 955. Read more about the Tiger 900.

Tiger 955

The first incarnation of the Tiger 955 came in 1998 and over 3 years it was redesigned into the more prominent 955i.

Triumph unveiled the Tiger 955 with an 885cc fuel injected engine – the first fuel injected Tiger in Triumph history. The first 995 was also known as the T709. Over its life span the 995 model of Tiger is cited by Triumph to have sold from 1998 to 2008 with sold units of 13766 in the UK market.

The 955i saw a marked improvement on the 900 with over HP up from 82 to 104 and increased torque over a lower rpm – 885; 82nm at 6000rpm & 955i; 92nm at 4400rpm.

Click here for full features and specifications.

Tiger 1050

"Scratch, Tour, Commute, the Tiger 1050 does it all" the tag line given to the phenomenal Triumph Tiger 1050 model. Since it began in 2006 the 1050 Tiger has sold 21909 (figures correct as of 7/2012) and since production hasn’t stopped that number is still growing. VisorDown gave this bike 4.5 out of 5 stars which is easily backed up by its members rating at the same 4.5 out of 5 and the Telegraph says “Triumph’s latest Tiger is one of the best-value machines in the sports tourer class.”

The Tiger 1050 has been compared to some of the best sports tourer bikes in the market.The Tiger 1050 SE ABS comes up at around £10,000 fully equipped with a centre stand, hand guards, gel seat and the ever essential side mounted panniers along with (as the title suggests) ABS.

There’s little wonder why the Tiger 1050 has been one of the best selling bikes in the Triumph range.

Tiger Explorer

The Triumph Tiger Explorer is biggest bike on offer in the Triumph Adventure range. The Explorer offers up Triumph’s first 1215cc Shaft driven engine which delivers 121nm of torque at 6400rpm and 137ps at 9000rpm.

The Explorer comes fully loaded out of the crate with Triumph’s first ride-by-wire system which includes cruise control, traction control and switchable ABS as standard. The explorer also comes equipped with a forgotten treasure – a class leading 950w generator for electrical equipment and accessories which means you can charge your phone and run your Triumph Adventure fog lights at the same time!

The Explorer has been very well received so far having received 5 stars from the Telegraph “Triumph’s latest offering in the adventure bike class, the Tiger Explorer, is a worthy rival to BMW’s excellent R1200GS.”

The Explorer is also getting an XC version which comes with a few modifications and accessories as standard to give even better out of the crate value for money.

20 years on – Tiger Sport

The latest model comes after 20 years of rich Triumph Hinckley Tiger heritage and looks to redefine and improve the longest serving bike in the Tiger family. All we have so far are a few action shots, full specifications and a confirmation of Red and White colours with more information being fed to dealerships in February.