Pre-Hibernation Preparation

Pre Hibernation

It may seem like summer’s barely over, but, if you have decided not to ride through the coldest months, then it’s time to start thinking about putting your bike away for winter. Here’s how we prep your motorcycle for winter storage.

First we'll give your beloved motorcycle a thorough 20 point safety check, going over all the important working parts. Next we'll fit a new filter and change the oil, then check your brake fluid levels and quality… change if required. Your chain then gets a clean, lube and any adjustments are made. Then once we are happy that everything is ready we'll lovingly give it a Full Valet to showroom condition. We'll also protect it with the ACF50 treatment. The final step is down to you and probably the hardest. Close the garage door, make sure it’s locked, and start counting the days until you can ride again.

• 20 Point Safety Check
• Oil & Filter Change
• Brake Fuild Check - Change if required (an additional £15 to change fluid and bleed brakes)
• Chain Clean/Lube/Adjust
• Full Valet
• ACF50 Treatment

We only use Geniune Triumph Parts and top quality Silkolene Synthetic/Semi Synthetic Oil.


Ride in & Ride Out - £160

Collection and delivery - £180


Call David Beecroft on 01246 261261 for more info or book your bike in.


Collection and delivery is within a 20 mile radius, anything outside this will incur a small extra charge so please ask for details. Ride in & Ride Out option would take approx 3 hours. Offers until 28th February 2018.