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Fri, 21 Oct 2016

The new Bonneville Bobber

The new Bonneville Bobber has absolutely peerless authenticity. A genuine Bonneville and factory custom Bobber that’s both iconic and authentic. Stripped to its purest essence it delivers all the hallmarks of a real bobber, with clean lines and low stance, single seat, wide flat bars, minimal bodywork, wide rear wheel and that all important hard tail look.

An all-new chassis, suspension and frame deliver a supremely confident, dynamic and comfortable ride. All electronic components are hidden from view so as not to compromise the bike’s clean lines, and both the seat and clock position can be adjusted to suit the rider for class-leading comfort and control.
At the heart of the Bobber is a category-leading, high-torque (HT) Bonneville 1200cc engine with a dedicated Bobber tune for even more torque and power low down and a beautiful brushed stainless steel exhaust with twin skin ‘slash cut’ peashooter silencers.

It’s a genuine Bonneville, truly iconic and authentic.
It’s a genuine Bobber with unparalleled heritage, attitude and desirability. Most of all, it’s a genuine factory custom with beautifully styled minimalism.

The Birth of the Bobber
• The ‘Bobber’ was born in the 1940s – with the boom of post war American bikers taking the cheapest and most powerful bikes they could get and stripping them bare to get them to go as fast as they could – building hot rods for the road and to race.
• With a totally unique and instantly recognisable style, stripped of all unnecessary parts - a hard tail, single seat, flat and low bars to cut down drag and shortened ‘bobbed’ fender, hacked off to leave just enough to protect the rider from the elements. This giving a bobber its iconic name.
• With the motor and exhaust heavily tuned to squeeze out every ounce of performance – bobbers were built with one thought in mind - to go from ‘dead stop to flat out’ as fast as possible.

Peerless authenticity
• A genuine Bonneville, totally iconic and authentic.
• A genuine Bobber, with unparalleled heritage, attitude and desirability.
• A genuine factory custom, beautifully styled minimalism.

Stunning hand crafted custom style
• Breath-taking poise, presence & iconic silhouette.
• Authentic Bobber features including a low, single seat, hard tail look, wide flat bars, steel mudguards, rear mudguard loop, minimal headlight and minimal sculpted tank.
• Beautiful detailing, including authentic battery box with stainless steel strap, barrel ignition, carb styled twin throttle bodies, bar end mirrors, black bullet indicators & classic rear ‘drum brake’ inspired hub.
• High-value badging, polished & brushed metal features, machined detailing & premium paint finishes.
• A canvas for individual style with over 150 accessories including, side mounted plates & rear light removal kit (US only), multiple seat and bar options from low & flat to full-on ‘ape hangers’.

Innovative and elegant engineering
• Adjustable riding position, with a rider tailored seat & clock position.
• Floating aluminium single seat pan with cantilever support arm and beautifully stitched deep foam pad.
• Sublime crafted ‘swing cage’ with hard tail styling & hidden mono shock rear suspension.
• Hidden rider focused tech with the Bonnevilles ‘clean line’ packaging hiding electronic components.
• Signature Bonnie straight line exhaust with ‘hidden cat box’ header pipe run.

See the colour options here: