Triumph Street Twin Accessories

The new Triumph Street Twin 900 has arrived at Triumphworld and by now some riders will be lucky enough to be riding around on one!

Customisation is one of the best things about the new Street Twin, its the entry level custom motorcycle for Triumph. So the idea behind the bike is to buy it and make it your own. Triumph have made it a little easier with the introduction of "inspiration kits" - 3 accessory bundles aimed at changing the overall look of the bike.

However, what if you don't want one of these kits? How far can you go with Triumph accessories to make the bike your own? Below we go through what a difference each accessory can make and then our ideas of how to create your own style using just 10 accessories.

Street Twin Seat

Brown Bench Seat


There are currently a choice of 3 differently styled seats available for the Street Twin. One of these, the bench seat, is a colour option of either Black or Brown and whilst that doesn't really make for a huge selection the options available do change the look and style of the bike quite a bit.

The first option is a Low seat that offers no real design changes but is useful if the bike is a little to tall for you as it drops the seat height by 20mm. The other option is the Bench seat, available in Black or Brown, which really does change the look of the bike in a significant way.

It gives the bike a very clean and straight line at the back making it look flatter and more reminiscent of the classic bikes.

Street Twin Grips

Brown Barrel Grips


I class trinkets as smaller items, things that you might not notice right away but just add to the overall look of the bike. They aren't the most obvious accessories but they are what makes the bike yours.

Triumph does come good in this department with the option to change:

  • Grips
  • Clutch badge
  • Cable guide
  • Valve caps
  • Headbolt covers
  • ACG badge
  • Bar ends


Changing one of these things might not make the world of difference but if you have an idea in mind of what style of bike you want to end up with then changing all of these accessories can really give you something different to stand out from the crowd.

Street Twin Mirrors

Bar End Mirror


This is a real personal preference as it effects the riding position and therefore your comfort on the bike. The handlebars on offer are a lower option that would leave you leaning more over the tank than the standard version, think of them more in the style of the Thruxton than the Bonneville.

When it comes to changing the handlebars there is only the Ace Handlebar option which is available in either Black or Chrome.


The standard mirrors do a job but they won't be to everyone's liking and lookily Triumph has you well and truly covered in this departments with a choice of 4 styles and a choice of Black or Chrome in every design. There are 2 different Bar End designs and 2 traditional designs to choose from. The style you go for reflects the overall look of the bike you are trying to create.

The bar end mirrors are sold indiviually and in a choice of more traditional round or a sportier shape and style that is the same as the ones for the Speed Triple and Street Triple.

Street Twin - Silencers


For the first time ever, Triumph have moved away from Arrow as the producer of accessory silencers and opted for Vance & Hines. Along with the new brand Triumph are offering both on and off road silencers, a colour choice of either Black Ceramic or Stainless Steel, options to change the header rings and the header pipes to Black.

If your looking to build the ultimate dark and moody looking Street Twin then the Black header rings, header pipes and silencers will be must have accessories.


1 pannier, 2 panniers, tank bag's, luggage racks and even a top box mean that there are now more storage options than ever for Triumph's entry level custom motorcycle. Its a step in the right direction if you are looking to use the bike every day or looking to have a few weekends away and clock up the miles. There are a choice of leather, cotton and nylon luggage accessories along with colour options for tank bags and panniers. Choice is the keyword here.

Triumph Street Twin Chrome


If you looking for a more aerodynamic bike, something to delflect the wind around the bike for a more comfortable riding experience or just an accessory to complete the look of your new bike then a screen could be the perfect option for you. There are a choice of 7 screen available for the Street Twin including a mix of tall, short, tinited, clear and painted options to suit your requirements. The tintend screens offer a nice smoked effect, whilst the painted versions are colour co-ordinated to match the bike.


A staple of motorcycle accessories for years, chrome has been the effect of choice for many bikers who want to customise their bike. Triumph chrome accessories are manufactured to the highest quality and are made to resist salt and other road wear. Triumph have produced several Chrome accessories to allow rider the freedom to customise their bike as much as possible. These items include:

  • Engine Covers
  • Clutch Badges
  • ACG Badges
  • Wheels
  • Dresser bars
  • Even more!
Triumph Street Twin accessories

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